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How to Hook Up a Trailer: Step-by-Step

2021 Red Ram 1500 Towing Trailer


Whether you drive a Jeep Wrangler or a RAM 1500, your vehicle is more than capable of towing heavy cargo! Of course, before you can set out on your first adventure, you’ll need to understand how to hook up a trailer to a truck or SUV! That’s where we come in. Our knowledgeable team is happy to assist the region’s hardest-working drivers, so read on our give us a call at 203-845-8040 to get started!

Hook Up a Trailer to a Truck in 8 Steps

Even if you know your vehicle’s stated towing capacity, you should carefully review any and all towing information in your owner’s manual before you hook up a trailer! Learning how to hook up a trailer to your truck is pretty simple—and we’ve laid out everything you need to know—but it’s still a good idea to proceed with caution if you’ve never taken these steps before.

Now, here’s how to hook up a trailer to your truck:

  1. Double-check your trailer to make sure that everything is securely tied down. It’s a good idea to set wheel chocks in place to limit the trailer’s movement.
  2. You need to be certain that the receiver is high enough to clear the trailer hitch. Use your trailer jack to make any adjustments to the trailer height, as needed.
  3. Now, back your truck up so that the hitch is aligned with the receiver. Another person can be very helpful here! RAM trucks offer a rearview camera with guidelines that can help you line things up perfectly.
  4. RAM 1500 trucks offer Active-Level™ Four Corner Air Suspension and RAM heavy duty trucks offer Rear Auto-Level Air Suspension, so it’s easy to lower your receiver onto the hitch from the driver’s seat. If your vehicle does not have this feature, you’ll need to lower your receiver manually until the two parts are connected.
  5. Now, secure the safety latch and safety pin. Hook up and cross your trailer’s safety chains, and connect the breakaway cable for safety. Double-check your work, as failure to secure your trailer can make your adventures in Stamford and Greenwich much more dangerous.
  6. Now, it’s time to connect the trailer wiring to your truck! This step ensures that your braking system will work properly to secure the trailer’s weight. RAM heavy duty trucks have a feature that allows you to check the success of your wiring via the infotainment screen.
  7. Turn on your safety hazards to double-check your work. The lights for the trailer should operate whenever your vehicle lights are engaged.
  8. Clear out the wheel chocks and find a secure location for your trailer jack. You’re ready to get started!

If you’re working with a RAM truck, you won’t always need to hook up a trailer; you can store plenty of cargo in the truck bed, too! Find out how the RAMBox Cargo Management system works before you get started.

Learn More Today at Garavel CJDR!

If you have any questions about the towing features in your truck, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team! We’d be more than happy to talk you through the steps and teach you how to hook up a trailer the right way. After all, we want to help make the Norwalk and Bridgeport roads as safe as they can be! Still looking for a truck that can complete any task? Check out our RAM 1500 lease deals today.

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