Environmental Paint Protection

Garavel CJDR’s environmental paint protection, Xzilon®, was initially developed by Granitize Products, Inc. for the airline industry. Granitize Products, Inc. manufactures and markets a full line of appearance protection products, detail products and service chemicals since 1930. Xzilon® has been formulated in different versions to add additional protection performance benefits for the automobile, aviation, granite countertops, swimming pool and eye glasses industries. Currently, Xzilon® is being sold in all 50 states (plus Puerto Rico) and in its other industry specific formulations around the world!

Environmental Protection Package

Protects against the following:
Bird drops & etching 5 year guarantee
Water spotting 5 year guarantee
Tree sap 5 year guarantee
Loss of gloss 5 year guarantee
Oxidation 5 year guarantee
Acid rain 5 year guarantee
Love bug damage 5 year guarantee

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Ultimate Appearance Protection with Xzilon® Products!

Alloy Wheel Protection

Interior Protection

Rips & Tear Protection

Windshield Protection

Bird Drops Etching Protection

Dent Protection

Headlight Lens Protection

Gloss Protection

Love Bug Damage Protection

Without it your vehicle’s value and beauty are exposed.

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