Covid Announcements

Store to Door


Notice to the public:

Garavel takes the safety and well being of our employees and customers very seriously. That is one of the reasons we voluntarily closed our facilities for one week on 3/17. We are happy to report that no one in our organization has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. Garavel supports that the best thing for the public is to practice social distancing and stay at home. The Governor has issued an executive order that took effect 8pm on 3/23 closing all business deemed as non-essential. The executive order does allow certain businesses deemed as essential to stay open.

Auto Repair has been deemed essential and we agree. People will still need to travel for work that has been deemed essential and for basic necessities such as food and healthcare. Also, let’s not forget our first responders, healthcare workers and other important emergency services that may need our assistance with the maintenance and repair of their vehicles.

Selling a vehicle is not always essential, however there are certain situations such as the ones listed above where it becomes essential. The Governor’s executive order has shut down our showroom, however it does allow us some options to sell a vehicle should the need arise.

Please review below regarding our Service and Sales Departments:

Garavel Service (9AM-5PM Monday – Friday):
We have factory certified technicians and appropriate support staff to handle auto repairs. We ask that you utilize our night drop. Where night drop is not possible, we ask that you secure transportation to and from the dealership. We are promoting social distancing and are discouraging customers waiting in our lounge areas. While your car is in for service our valets, advisors, and technicians are following the best practices recommended by our government and manufacturer. Technicians are wearing gloves while servicing your vehicle and wiping down all surfaces after the service has been performed. We’ve added more rigorous cleaning throughout the day, as well as overnight, to ensure a healthy environment in all departments of our store.

Garavel Sales (Virtual Showroom Open vehicle pickup or delivery available on a case by case basis):
Our inventory of new and pre-owned vehicles is up to date on our website, please feel free to browse and select a vehicle of your choice. We are still available by email, phone, or chat. Please contact us through the website and someone will get back to you. Please understand you may not get an immediate response since we are operating with reduced staff.
If you have selected a vehicle from our inventory and are ready to purchase, please call us.